Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open Tryout Deadline

The deadline for the Wizards open tryouts on March 7th and 8th is tomorrow, so if you're still wanting to get in, you better sign up quick. Unfortunately I have had to drop the idea of participating in this years tryouts due to multiple issues. First is the obvious money issue, the $205 is $205 I can spend elsewhere (like on a roadtrip this season for a game). Second is because I'm still not feeling in my best physical shape, and while I never had any illusions of grandeur of making the Wizards, I also didn't want to go out and make a complete fool of myself out there.

I will be out there for the tryouts though to see some of the players out there and how things go.

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Anonymous said...

So Hillcrest Road and the Wizards basically goaded you into participating in the open tryouts and then they didn't offer to pay at least part of your entrance fee?