Friday, February 27, 2009

Iowa Friendly Official

Back in early February, I told you about the Wizards final preseason game being up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa against the Minnesota Thunder on March 14th. Today the Wizards officially announced the double header. In the first game, the Wizards and Thunder first teams will go at it. In the second game, the reserves will play. To me it's interesting that the two games will both involve the Wizards. With only 24 players on the roster, and 3 of them keepers, it doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room with the lineups for the game. I'd guess that trialists may still be with the team trying to earn roster spots and will get spots in the game.

I'm planning on going up to the game and hoping that I can provide some sort of play by play of the game here. We'll see what happens.

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