Friday, February 20, 2009

Coaching License

Got quite a few things I want to touch on tonight, so be prepared for a few different posts on what's going on. I'm a little late to this first story, but I think it's a really great story to touch on. The Wizards the weekend of the open tryouts are also hosting a coaching clinic for season ticket holders to earn their USSF E coaching license. The feedback for this event was so great, the team received double the number of responses for the slots they had available.

This is a fantastic idea, 1) it helps fans to understand what coaches are going through and educating people on the game. 2) It helps the overall development of the game in this country. The more people that understand the coaching side of the game, the more people are going to not coach their kid completely wrong when it comes too playing soccer. I personally look forward to hopefully attend a future clinic and earn my E license to compliment the coaching experience I already have.

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