Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bannister Mall Continues to Come Down

Hillcrest Road posted a few photos yesterday, and today I made it out to Bannister Mall to check out how demolition at the site is going. The part of the building that had housed the Jones Store is now basically completely gone now. All my photos from today are here. You can actually see into the mall from the Jones Store entrance inside the mall now as seen in the picture below.
They've also started to remove some of the plywood that was covering the other entrances and have started on other parts of the building as well. The lower entrance to the old JC Penny's is now a big gaping hole, as is the entrance to the mall between the old Jones Store and JC Penny's. As you can see, the glass decoration outside that mall entrance is now gone too.
On the West side of the mall, you can actually get a good look inside the mall and see inside from behind the security fence they have put up. With the plywood off many of the entrances now I'm sure that people are getting back into the mall, but it's basically been striped bare and with it being open to the elements now, it's likely not going to be very warm for people to sleep in. Still people are getting in the mall, as evident from the broken glass at the upper entrance to the old JC Penny's (also the entrance to Richard Tolbert's flea market).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inside pictures. I have lots of memories here, and I'm a little bit sad!