Friday, September 14, 2007

Wizards Look to Push Themselves Closer to Playoffs

The Wizards are back in action tomorrow against the Columbus Crew. This match is a big 6 pointer for the Wizards, as the Crew are currently in 9th place in the league, 5 points behind the Wizards, who are in 7th. A win would push them 8 points clear and closer to ending their 2 year playoff drought.

The Wizards ran into some good luck as well, as the Crew will be without two of their best players for the match. Both Frankie Hejduk and Guillermo Barros Schelotto will miss the match in KC due to yellow card suspension. The loss of these two players will greatly affect the Crew, and a result for the Wizards is greatly helped by their suspensions.

The Wizards best 11 should be available, the only major injury concern, is Sasha Victorine who is listed as questionable. I could see Onalfo continue to start Kurt Morsink in the midfield. Personally I'd like to see Carlos Marinelli back on as a starter.

Jewsbury - Conrad - Garcia - Burciaga
Arnaud - Marinelli - Harrington
Sealy - Johnson

Without Hejduk and Schelotto, this game is the Wizards for the taking. The Crew's defense is injured and vulnerable. With the Wizards interest in attack this should be a great chance for the Wizards to get a big win.

KC - 3 (Johnson x2, Arnaud)
Crew - 1 (Moreno)

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