Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Fun in Dreaming

Yesterday I stumbled upon the fact that Pete Grathoff, of the KC Star now has his own blog. He's joined the likes of Ives, Goff and numerous other writers who focus on MLS in the blogsphere.

In only his second entry, he adds some fun speculation and dreaming about what the Wizards could do. His focus is on the fact that DC United look like they are closing in on the signing of Juan Veron, which would likely leave current DC United midfielder, Christian Gomez pushed out of the team. Grathoff speculates on the Wizards being a possible location for Gomez to move to.

While Gomez has proved himself in MLS and done some great things for DC over the years, he does turn 33 in November, and we'll likely see his skills start to deteriorate if they haven't already started to. While Gomez would definitely be an upgrade of Carlos Marinelli, would he be worth the DP money he is rumored to want at the age of 33? Personally I don't think he is, the DP money is to help bring in name players who will not only up the level of play, but bring in more fans to the stadiums. Gomez has the skill to up the level of play, but he doesn't have that name recognition.

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