Sunday, September 16, 2007

Undeserved? Probably, but Wizards take 3 Points Off Columbus

The Wizards first blew a lead, then came from behind with two goals in stoppage time to get a much needed 3 points against the Columbus Crew last night at Arrowhead Stadium. The win helps to move the Wizards 1 step closer to ending their 2 year playoff drought.

The Wizards started off strong, and Scott Sealy got the Wizards on the board in the 31st minute on a brilliant free kick. The Wizards continued to attack, but the half ended with the Wizards only up by the one goal. Here's a fan video of the goal taken from the Cauldron.

In the second half, the Crew came out and took the game to the Wizards, creating some good chances. When Alejandro Moreno scored in the 65th minute, it was no less then the Crew deserved. They'd been pushing the entire half and were rewarded. The goal though has been a bit of a talking point about what counts as the goalkeeper having control of the ball. As Moreno looked to kick the ball out of Kevin Hartman's hands. Andy Herron gave the Crew the lead only two minutes later off of a corner.

Things were looking down for the Wizards as the minutes ticked by, it looked like the Wizards were going to be the same team that we'd seen for the past 2 years, folding down the stretch to miss the playoffs. Then in the 3rd minute of stoppage time, Kerry Zavagnin was fouled in the box by Stefani Miglioranzi. The PK will be another talking point of the game. Wizards fans see it as a makeup call for Moreno kicking the ball out of Hartman's hands, while Crew fans will see Zavagnin fishing for the penalty in that situation. Either way, the PK was called, and Eddie Johnson converted for his 15th of the season to give the Wizards what looked to be an undeserved point. Less then a minute later though, a quick play down the wing found Eloy Colombano all on his own. He whipped in a great cross that Sealy met with a textbook diving header that he buried into the net to give the Wizards the full 3 points.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Scott Sealy - KC - Can't argue with 2 goals for the TnT striker. The first was a beautiful freekick, the second a great diving header to give the Wizards the full 3 points.
2. Alejandro Moreno - Crew - Picked up the scraps to get his goal. Did well to put the Wizards 2 center backs under pressure all game.
3. Eddie Johnson - KC - Goal and an assist for the Wizards MVP this season, was dangerous all game and helped to free up the players around him.

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