Friday, September 28, 2007

Reds and Missed Chances Doom Wizards

The Wizards saw 2 players sent off and missed numerous good first half chances which ended up dooming the Wizards in front of 32,000 plus fans. Jimmy Conrad and Davy Arnaud both saw red for challenges on Peter Vagenas in the second half.

While Wizards fans will argue over whether the challenges were really red cards or not, I believe that both were certainly justifiable reds. Both were reckless challenges, Jimmy came in with his studs up, while Davy came into his challenge very late. Some days, those calls are just yellows, and some days they are red, last night they were both red carable.

Those cards likely wouldn't have happened, though, if the Wizards had taken advantage of their numerous chances in the first half. The Wizards could have had a goal within the first few minutes on an own goal as a Wizards cross was deflected onto the cross bar. Joe Cannon was under more pressure from his own team, as he had to come up with a big save on another almost own goal. Eddie Johnson hit the post in the first half, and Davy Arnaud also went close.

In the second half, the Wizards best chance fell to Eloy Colombano, who received a through ball and rounded Cannon, only to try and blast the ball into the net instead of trying to slot the ball home side footed. The Wizards paid when they went down 1 man, as Gavin Glinton scored on a header to give the Galaxy the only goal they needed.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Joe Cannon - LA - Made the saves he needed to make to preserve the shut out, inlcuding from his own team.
2. Chris Klein - LA - The Wizards former winger helped to shut down the Wizards attack.
3. Nick Garcia - KC - The Wizards defense stepped up last night stopping the Galaxy attack almost all night.


Unknown said...

This was my first time at Arrowhead for the Wizards this year and I was very disappointed. I thought we had plenty of opportunity wasted on poor ball management both in the midfield and up front. Our forwards just did not work smart enough and imho not hard enough either... it could have been a complete reverse score.

Anonymous said...

Hey logtar!!!! mabey if you supported the team and didnt just come to one game you would have something postive to say about the boys. This is a good team, better than we have had in years. So what do i say to you? Fuck off and quit bitchn'