Thursday, September 20, 2007

New TIF Policy Passes

Tonight, Mayor Mark Funkhouser and the City Council approved the new TIF policy for the Kansas City area.

While the new policy leans towards helping small businesses, there are parts that look like they will benefit the Wizards in their push to get TIF help in renovating the Bannister Mall area. The new TIF policy is set to also help the cities blighted and distressed areas. The Bannister location has become a rather big blighted area, as in the past 10 years or so it's gone from being one of the main shopping areas in the KC metro area to being nearly deserted.

The approval of this policy was coming, as the recently elected Funkhouser had run on a platform to reform the TIF policy in Kansas City. The big news on the Wizards, Bannister Mall, and the possible TIF will come in October when the decision is expected on the Wizards and Lane4's plan for the area.

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Anonymous said...

The Wizards plan is no more likely to succeed than Bannister Mall. It'll look good for a few years and then go into decline for the same reasons BM did.