Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Brit is Co... Oh Wait, He's Not

The LA Beckhams come to KC to play the Wizards tomorrow night on ESPN2. Now the Beckham's are Beckhamless for the game tomorrow night due to his knee injury, but that's not going to stop me from continuing to refer to them as the Beckhams.

The Wizards come in after a heart breaking 2-1 loss in LA against the good LA team, Chivas, on a late Ante Razov goal. The Beckhams come in after beating FC Dallas in LA on Sunday.

Scott Sealy looks like he could miss this game as well, as his injury plagued season continues as he has a quad problem. With Ryan Pore out due to a concussion, it looks like many Wizards fans, including yours truly, will get to see Eloy Colombano make his first Wizards start. The Beckhams meanwhile have a rather long injury list, including multiple players that would likely be starting for them. That's good news for the Wizards, as having to deal with Ty Harden and Troy Roberts is better than dealing with Abel Xavier. As for the Wizards lineup, I'd expect to see something similar to the way the team played after Pore went out in the game against Chivas.

Jewsbury - Conrad - Garcia - Burciaga
Colombano - Marinelli - Harrington
Arnaud - Johnson

This is a very big 3 points for the Wizards, as they can put a little more space between themselves and 9th place. They're magic number is currently 8 I believe, and a win here would mean big things for the Wizards in their hopes to end their 2 year playoff drought. The Beckhams are to injury riddled right now for the Wizards not to pick up 3 points, even with Landon Donovan on the team.

KC - 3 (Johnson, Arnaud, Colombano)
Beckhams - 1 (Donovan)


Anonymous said...

i'd like to see will john come in a drop arnaud back.

Mike said...

Do you really rate John that much? Over Colombano?

I've never really thought that much of John, he might get a few more minutes the rest of this season, but he certainly doesn't deserve to start, especially after the performances Colombano is putting in.

I just don't think John has the build to be overly productive at this level.