Sunday, October 04, 2015

What We Want to Happen Today 10/4

I've been slacking on these posts lately, but last night KC got some help in regards to moving towards a playoff berth. The San Jose Earthquakes only managed a 1-1 draw at home against the Vancouver Whitecaps. With that combined with KC's win, Sporting is now 4 points clear of the red playoff line. Today there are three MLS games, all on national TV, all featuring West vs West match ups that have an effect on KC and their playoff chase and positioning.

Houston at Dallas
What we want to happen - Houston win

On the one hand this just tightens the Western Conference even more. Houston winning would actually vault them eighth into sixth place ahead of San Jose and Portland because they've scored more goals than either team, the second tie breaker. Doing so puts more pressure on KC getting results but it would still keep at least two teams, potentially three between them and the red playoff line.

Salt Lake at Colorado
What we want to happen - Colorado win

A win by the Rapids will mean that neither of these two teams would be able to catch KC. The Rapids already can't catch KC, sitting 14 points back with only 12 points still available for them. Salt Lake can still technically catch KC sitting 10 points behind them with 12 available. So a win by the Rapids would keep RSL from catching them.

LA at Seattle
What we want to happen - draw

LA is a poor road team with just two road wins on the season. But if they can find a point in LA it'll keep the Galaxy, currently in first place in the West, within three points of KC. At the same time it'll keep the Sounders between KC and the playoff line.

Those three results combined would keep KC in third place in the Western Conference and in a good place heading into the final few weeks of the season.


Anonymous said...

do we have any hope of capturing the SS?

Mike said...

2% chance according to this:

Anonymous said...

So you're saying there's a chance!

Thanks for finding that Mike

Anonymous said...

I think the chance is better than 2% just by the nature of how things went yesterday and what lies ahead.

Vancouver and Dallas have to play each other twice. We get a crack at LA AND have a game in hand. Beating SJ and Colorado would have us in a great position going into the last game of the season. Just my opinion though