Saturday, October 17, 2015

Heineman Confirms Interest in Everton in August, No Longer

It looks like the rumors of Robb Heineman and Sporting Club purchasing an EPL team can be put to bed for at least the short term. Last night after Sporting's game against the San Jose Earthquakes, Jeff Carlisle got further quotes from Robb Heineman concerning the rumors of Sporting Club's interest in Everton FC.

In the interview, Heineman confirmed that when he and Mike Illig were in Liverpool in August for the Duncan Ferguson and talked with chairman Bill Kenwright about an opportunity to purchase the club. Heineman says that they "had a good talk, learned a lot, but the timing probably just didn't work out really well for us."

It's certainly something that seems to be a disappointment for many Everton fans who want Kenwright and the current board out. But Heineman did mention that there were apparently other interested parties.

At the same time Heineman did not rule out a move by Sporting Club in the future to purchase an EPL club. With all the money in the EPL from the TV contracts and the capital of Cliff Illig and Neal Patterson, Sporting Club certainly has the capital to purchase a club.

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