Wednesday, October 08, 2014

What We Want to Happen Today 10/8

Sporting Kansas City can clinch a playoff berth this weekend with a win over Chicago Friday and a loss by the Columbus Crew to the Philadelphia Union. Before that though, Sporting can get some further help in one of tonight's league games.

Houston at Toronto
What we want to happen - Houston win

A Toronto loss would keep them six points behind Kansas City with three games to play for the Canadian side, which currently sits in sixth place. Keeping Toronto from closing the gap so much would make for an interesting final few games. Houston though needs this game worse than Toronto or KC does. The Dynamo with a loss would keep them seven points back of the final playoff spot with only three games left to play, a gap that would be almost insurmountable. So Houston will come into this game knowing they need to win, which should help KC out.

San Jose at Portland
What we want to happen - Does not matter

San Jose is eliminated from the playoff race, and while Portland can still catch, and pass KC on points when it comes to potential MLS Cup hosting, this game means little to Kansas City at this point.

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