Saturday, October 11, 2014

What We Want to Happen Today 10/11

With a win last night, KC got themselves into the playoffs, now it becomes a matter of seeding for Sporting KC. Here's a look at the games today in MLS and who we want to win.

New England at Montreal
What we want to happen - Montreal win

A win by the Impact will keep Kansas City second in the Eastern Conference heading into the final two games. This would allow KC to host the second leg of the home-home series in the playoffs.

Columbus at Philadelphia
What we want to happen -Philadelphia win

A loss by the Crew would mean that Columbus cannot pass Kansas City, they'd only be able to tie Sporting on points, and Sporting would win the first tiebreaker which is most wins.

Toronto at New York
What we want to happen - Toronto win

While a loss or a draw combined with a Columbus loss would mean KC clinched a top four spot, I'd rather keep the distance between Kansas City and the fourth place spot which has to play the play in game. Plus it would take Toronto winning out, KC losing out, AND Toronto making up the 17 goal difference in the two teams goal difference for Toronto to pass KC, so Toronto winning is fine.

San Jose at Salt Lake
What we want to happen - San Jose win

A win by San Jose would keep Salt Lake behind KC in the single table standings, which means that if both teams made it to MLS Cup again, KC would be host if they finish with more points.

Colorado at Chivas
 What we want to happen - doesn't matter

Both teams are eliminated from the playoff race, the result means nothing.

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