Saturday, October 18, 2014

What We Want to Happen 10/18

Along with Sporting KC playing today, there are four other MLS games. Most will have pretty much no effect on KC, but here's a look at what we want to happen today.

Montreal at Toronto
What we want to happen - Doesn't matter

Montreal is eliminated from the playoffs, and Toronto needs 4 results to go their way for them to even make the playoffs this year.

Dallas at Colorado
What we want to happen - Colorado win

Back to the whole MLS Cup host potential for KC, keep Dallas close to KC to allow KC the ability to finish ahead of them in the single table.

Chicago at DC
What we want to happen - Chicago win

Not that I have high hopes for this, but a Chicago win would keep DC within touching distance of KC, if DC picks up even a point, KC cannot finish first in the East.

Vancouver at San Jose
What we want to happen - San Jose

Really not much in this for KC as I don't expect Vancouver to make MLS Cup, but a San Jose win means Vancouver can not finish ahead of KC in the single table, and if both were to make MLS Cup, Sporting would host.

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