Saturday, October 04, 2014

What We Want to Happen 10/4

With the draw last night, Sporting KC moved into second place in the Eastern Conference again, one point ahead of the New England Revolution. Today there are five MLS games on tap. Three of those five games will have an effect on KC and potential playoff factors. Here's a look at what Sporting fans want to happen in those games.

Houston at New York
What we want to happen - Houston win

While Houston sits only 10 points behind KC with two games in hand at the moment, there are five teams between them and Kansas City right now. New York could cut the gap to just two points if they get a win. With all the teams between KC and Houston I'd rather they keep the Red Bulls from gaining more ground on KC than seeing the two teams split the points. Although with the Red Bulls at home I don't have high hopes for this one.

Dallas at Vancouver
What we want to happen - Vancouver win

Really this game only has an effect on KC if Sporting were to make a return to MLS Cup. A Vancouver win would keep Dallas within touching distance for Sporting, only two points ahead. This is important in the fact that the team with the most points in the regular season hosts MLS Cup, so having Dallas drop points is good in that regard.

Columbus at New England
What we want to happen - draw

Sporting is one point clear of New England and three points clear of Columbus. Each team getting only one point is the better situation here as it doesn't put New England further ahead of KC or allow Columbus to tie Sporting on points. Although you could make a case that New England getting the win would work too. While having home field advantage in the playoffs would be good for KC, the big thing for KC is to avoid the playoff play in game between the fourth and fifth seed in the conference. Currently Columbus occupies the fourth spot so separation there would be a good thing too.

Toronto at Los Angeles
What we want to happen - LA win

Toronto FC is currently outside the playoffs looking in, but sit only six points behind Sporting KC with a game in hand. So the Galaxy taking care of business at home is important for KC. A TFC win would move them within three points of Kansas City, but depending on other results, could still see them outside the playoffs (NY and Columbus win makes the East 2. KC 46, 3. Columbus 46, 4. New England 45, 5. New York 44, 6. TFC 43). While that would make the close of the season that much more exciting, I'm not about excitement right now.

Portland at San Jose
What we want to happen - Doesn't matter

While Portland can still catch Kansas City point wise and therefore host KC if both teams were able to make MLS Cup, there's just too many other factors that need to go their way. This game really doesn't mean enough to want a result either way.

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