Thursday, October 16, 2014

What We Want to Happen 10/16

MLS action returns tonight with a prime time game on ESPN 2.  It's one that can have a big effect on Kansas City.
New England at Houston
What we want to happen - Houston win
Kansas City is tied with New England on points for 2nd in the East, but are third because the Revolution have more wins. Houston is eliminated from the playoffs so the chance for Kansas City is there to move into second if the Revolution lose and Sporting KC can get a win this weekend. A win here for the Revolution almost puts second place out of KC's reach, it'd require KC winning out and New England losing in the final week of the season. So I know if feels wrong, but root for the Dynamo.

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hartley said...

Hey, Mike, maybe you should cease with these "What We Want to Happen" articles. Man, you are 0 for on these. Ouch.