Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Collin Rumors Return

A month ago, news came out from France that Aurelien Collin was potentially looking to move back to Europe after the season. At the time, Collin said that it was a bad translation of the interview that he did.

Just two days after winning MLS Cup and the MLS Cup MVP award, the rumors resurfaced in another French outlet, RMC, Radio Monte Carlo. This time, the rumors have been picked up by a major media outlet in the states, ESPN. In the interview, Collin said "I hope some nice opportunities will present themselves. If I come back, it's for something big. The top level in Europe."

Collin feels that his game is more adapted for England or Germany to match the more physical style of those league.

While Collin has put down some roots here and has produced his fashion line here, you can't fault him if he does move. It would be a new challenge and likely a bigger payday for him. The other thing that could play a role is his fiancé, who was denied a visa to get into the US. He could look to move so that the two could be together.

As for KC, the combined loss of Collin and the retiring Jimmy Nielsen would be a big blow for KC. While Ike Opara has stepped up and played well for KC, Collin and Matt Besler have developed a strong partnership and it'd be hard to replicate that.


cheezwiz said...

Get a green card for his girlfriend, and he'll stay.

Nathan Martin said...

My understanding is that he's under contract for next year so they'd have to buy him.

Opara is starting quality.

Probably can't afford next contract for both him & Besler so in some ways selling one buys the other.

Unless they simply let him go for free at end of season a la Espinoza, but the Kamara model is preferable.

Dan said...

If his GF can't get a visa to get into the country how do you expect her to get a green card?

Anonymous said...

opara and kronberg are fine to start if needed...its the depth that would be lacking. and we are going to need some serious depth next year with all the fixtures and call ups we'll have to endure.

but anyway, i have a hard time taking the ESPN article too seriously. after all, it refereed to collin as a forward. the girlfriend things does make it a little more interesting, but not as interesting as an off-season training/trial at a plausible team would be.