Saturday, November 09, 2013

Collin Hinting at Move Back to Europe UPDATED

In an interview with the site French Football, Aurelien Collin has hinted at a move back to Europe. When asked about his future, Collin makes mention that he has one year left on his contract with Sporting KC, and that he wants to return to Europe. "The major European championships attract me. Big MLS clubs like New York and Los Angeles want me, but my ambition is to play at a good level in Europe this winter."

It's a surprising, but not a shocking statement from the French defender. I had always assumed that Collin would eventually head back to Europe at some point. But it's still a surprise to see it in print, especially with a time table for when Collin wants to leave.

Collin had been fairly unsuccessful in Europe as a professional before his move to MLS. He spent time in Scotland, Greece, England, and Portugal, not really settling until coming to Kansas City. Here he's become one of the best defenders in the league, earning Best XI honors last year.

While the loss of Collin would certainly hurt, the blow is softened a bit by the acquisition last year of Ike Opara. Filling in throughout the season for both Collin and Matt Besler, Opara has proven to be a good back up that can start in this league. Collin also has some other reasons as well, specifically because his fiancée has been denied a visa into the United States. Back in May he Tweeted this: "For the 3rd time my girlfriend got denyed of her visa.. She cant even visit me in the USA! Thats crazyyyyy :("

If she can't get into the country, that's certainly something that would weight on his mind when it comes to his decision making. Still the timing of this coming out, with KC's playoff game today is a bit rough. In the end though I cannot fault Collin, MLS will still for the foreseeable future be a selling league, selling players abroad to bigger leagues where those players will make more money.

Collin posted this on Twitter a little bit ago in response to the Soccer News article that originally brought it to my attention.

Take that for what you will, but I'm told "cet hiver" literally translates to this winter (I don't do French).


aletheist said...

Good point about Collin's fiancee, I had forgotten about that. If an appropriate transfer fee is offered, I could see SKC letting him leave this off-season.

Constance said...

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