Monday, December 16, 2013

Rumors of Bieler's Exit Continue

Since Claudio Bieler started to regularly find himself on the bench instead of in the starting lineup, rumors have persisted on whether Bieler was going to be like Omar Bravo and depart KC after only one season. The team has said that they want Bieler back in 2014, but that hasn't stopped rumors, especially ones in Ecuador linking him with a move back to the country.

Bieler's agent though has been really playing down the rumors, seen as an example in the Tweets below.

Basically, Bieler's agent, Gustavo Lescovich, is responding to the question of whether Bieler is going to go to Barcelona (the Ecuadorian one). Lescovich responds saying that he still plays for Kansas and no offers are available. After small talk about Barcelona vs LDU Quito (Bieler's former club, Lescovich again reiterates that Bieler currently has a contract with a club (KC) that wants him to stay.

So if Bieler is going to exit, it appears that it will be involving a transfer out.

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