Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rumor Time - Man City, Dwyer, Heineman

Been resigned to just Twitter over the past few days while doing family stuff and during that time, there's been a few rumors that have come out regarding Sporting KC.

First the rumor that has gotten the most talk and is probably based on the least information. It comes from what appears to be an off-handed comment from midfielder Oriol Rosell in an interview with a Spanish sports site. When asked if Sporting KC could compete in La Liga, Rosell says that Sporting is better suits to the EPL, then says "Two years ago Kansas beat Manchester United in a friendly and this year we will play [Manchester] City."

That one sentence has set off tons of speculation about KC playing a friendly in 2014. Both The Daily Wiz and have gotten quotes from Sporting KC regarding the rumor, and both have been fairly non-committal, saying that they are looking at a big name friendly in 2014. 

The quote I find more interesting, because the team's quote says "after a busy 2013 we're certainly eager to bring a big-named opponent to Sporting Park next year."

It's an interesting/humorous quote considering in 2013, Sporting was guaranteed 39 games at minimum and played 45 (a club record for a season). In 2014 Sporting KC is already scheduled for a minimum of 41 games and that number could expand exponentially if Sporting KC advance in the CCL, the Open Cup, and make the playoffs. So with more games taking place in a shorter time frame thanks to a World Cup break, we're going to be playing a friendly again.

The game though isn't for a fan like me who is more focused on winning MLS Cup, the Supporters' Shield, the Open Cup, or the CCL, it's for the casual fan who currently isn't a big fan of SKC, or a Euro-snob who won't give MLS the time of day.

And while the quote from Sporting in the article specifically references Sporting Park, this tweet from Robb Heineman still rings in my ear:

If the friendly is indeed against Manchester City it's one that would fit the above description. And while I'm not a fan of friendlies, I'd still attend the game and would prefer the cheaper Arrowhead ticket.

Dwyer to Charlton

Dom Dwyer has apparently been training at Charlton Athletic, and on Boxing Day he was at The Valley for their 3-2 win over Brighton.

From reading through some Charlton forums, fans of the club seem fairly confident that Dwyer will be joining the club on loan in January, although they don't seem sure of the length, whether it would be for the rest of the season, or similar to Kei Kamara's loan where it would end before the season ended.

Heineman Hints at News

With two Tweets tonight, Robb Heineman has gotten the rumor mill turning again for Sporting KC fans on potential signings. It's brought out a number of unreasonable signings, the likes of Wayne Rooney and others, it's also brought out more logical ones, like the return of Roger Espinoza. My assumption is that the player is one that very few if anyone will guess, and few have heard of and know much about.

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