Thursday, December 12, 2013

Besler, the US Senate, and Me Not Ready to Let Go

Just some quick news today about Sporting KC.

The big news on the net today was this Tweet from Sporting defender, Matt Besler.

Besler gets married this weekend and Sporting fans found their registry online. And Sporting KC fans picked up 95% of the things on the registry. It's not a huge story, but it shows the growth and fever of the support for the team. Also, congrats to Besler and his fiancé, Amanda.

Senator Moran's Resolution

Kansas senator, Jerry Moran has put Sporting KC, the Cauldron, and the rest of KC's supporter's groups into a resolution on the floor of the Senate. Moran, with Pat Roberts introduced a resolution extending the Senate's congratulations to Sporting KC for their MLS Cup victory.

And because I'm not ready to let go yet.

Because I want to continue enjoying the MLS Cup win, here are some videos from MLS and Kick TV that I really enjoy. The Matchday 360 from last year's US Open Cup final is still one of my favorite videos and we got a similar one this year.


Sharon Hom said...

Mike - the videos have banners on them that obscure most of the picture. Can you get rid of them or post links that don't have them?

Mike said...

sorry Sharon, if you click on the name of the video at the top it takes you to Youtube to watch it.