Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sporting KC News

Here's some news for you today regarding Sporting KC.

Sporting Pull Out of Swope Park Project

This actually happened last week, but with all the news regarding player announcements I keep forgetting to post about it.  The project that the city of Kansas City supports to turn the area around Sporting's training facility into a soccer complex that could rival the Overland Park Complex.  The plan was to use funds left over from the Winchester Center TIF to help fund the project.  The plan for the project immediately came under fire because the unused portion of the TIF funds was supposed to go to the Raytown School District and Mid-Continent Public Library.  In the long run Sporting probably made the smart move so as to avoid be looked at as attempting to take money away from a school.

Still the thing that continues to bug me with regards to this situation is the fact that the TIF went into effect before the team was even originally founded and nothing has been done with the left over TIF money for years.  But when another use for the project funds is found, people get up in arms over the situation. 

New Byline to the Back Post

A new From the Byline to the Back Post is up for your listening pleasure.  This week Thad and I discuss all the moves that had taken place through Wednesday evening, including Benny Feilhaber, Matt Besler, and Ike Opara.  We also discuss the Comets, FC KC, and more.  Enjoy through Posterous and iTunes.

Re-Entry Draft Stage 2 Tomorrow

The second stage of the re-entry draft takes place tomorrow.  After seeing only one player taken in the first stage, the second stage of the draft is usually much more active.  With Sporting KC making a number of moves after the first stage of the draft, including picking up Opara in a trade with San Jose.  KC took a similar method last year, trading for Bobby Convey instead of waiting for the draft.  After that trade Sporting sat out the second stage of the re-entry draft making no movement.  I wouldn't be surprised for KC to once again not make a selection now that they've picked up Opara.  There's no one on the list that immediately jumps out at this point that I would think KC would take.

Former Junior Trialing Abroad

Whether you want to consider this a missed opportunity by Sporting or not, this is pretty cool.  Former Juniors player, Badr Seyam, a 13  year old, is currently working his way around Europe, trialing for the youth teams of some of the biggest clubs in the world.  Including Arsenal and Hamburg, he's apparently also heard from Manchester City as well.  It's amazing that a kid from Sporting's youth system could reach these heights so quickly.  I wish the kid nothing but luck for his future

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