Sunday, December 02, 2012

Harrington Heading to Portland?

The MLS trade window opens up tomorrow, and already rumors are swirling around regarding moves that will likely be confirmed in the next few days.  Many of those trades have involved the Portland Timbers.  One of those potential trades also involved Sporting KC.  The rumor tonight out of Portland is that Sporting KC will trade reserve wingback, Michael Harrington to Portland for allocation money.  After the trade was mentioned on Twitter, Sporting KC forward Teal Bunbury tweeted "All the best to my brother @mikeymomoney2 in Portland. Gonna miss you my man. Know you're gonna do big things there."

That tweet has since been deleted by Bunbury though.  The KC Star has posted an article regarding the rumor and has contacted Harrington regarding the rumor.  Harrington's response though was that he hadn't heard anything regarding the rumor. Thad has gotten a comment from the team that they have no confirmation of the trade at this time either.

I expect that Harrington is being traded, while having a player on the bench like Harrington is a luxury, it's an expensive one as he's counting $125,000 against the cap.  Harrington has to want to get more playing time himself though, he can't be enjoying being on the bench.  I think Harrington is likely going to be traded to Portland, the announcement will just come tomorrow or in the next week or so after the trade window as reopened.

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