Monday, December 17, 2012

Espinoza Granted Work Permit, Official KC Exit Nears

Roger Espinoza is leaving Kansas City, this has been clear for a few months now, but today things basically confirm it 100% that Espinoza would be leaving.  Today in the UK an FA Panel approved Espinoza's work permit request, the final stepping stone for his move to the UK.  Wigan Athletic posted on their website today that Espinoza will join the club once is contract with Sporting expires. 

Subject to receiving his ITC, the first game Espinoza would be eligible to play in would be Wigan's 3rd round FA Cup match on January 5th against Bournemouth.  Not sure if Espinoza will make his debut then, since he may not be in the best game shape yet.  I've said before that Espinoza's departure would be bittersweet.  He's going to leave some very big shoes in KC's midfield to fill, but it'll be great to see a former Sporting player playing in arguably the best league in the world (hopefully he gets playing time, unlike Eddie Johnson's move to Fulham).

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Kevin said...

I am happy for Roger and as I have said before I think this speaks very well for SKC at how they develop players. Just look at the players that SKC have draft and developed (Espinoza, Myers, Zusi, Besler, Bunbury and Sapong) all but one have see time with their national teams. Then look at the players who had not had the best careers who have come to SKC and taken off (Collin, Kamara, Sinovic and Nielsen). If you are a player starting out or looking to restart a career SKC has to be a place you are having to look at.

On Roger leaving and Benny replacing him, while they are not the same player it may actually help SKC next year. I feel that Benny is stronger than Roger in the attacking 3rd, while I am not sure if there was a stronger mid-field in the league than Roger in the defensive 3rd. Maybe SKC will not give up only 24 goals next year, with the change, but I will go out on a limb and say that Benny (if healthy) will score more goals that Roger did.

I will Roger play with pride in the EPL knowing that he came from Sporting KC.