Monday, December 10, 2012

Player Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Sporting KC president Robb Heineman got the weekend excitement going for KC fans, tweeting "Well...I think you'll b happy about this one. I am #announcemen2follow" and "New Player...." Immediately Sporting KC fans started speculating on who would be the new player.  The thought was that an announcement would come today, but by 5:30 central time there's still been no announcement.  Then just before 6pm, Heineman posted the following on Twitter:

There's the answer to the questions fans have been asking about when the announcement would take place.  Tomorrow the expected new player announcement will take place.  Rumors of a player from outside the league that KC is bringing in, there are rumors of players from South America and Spain.  The other potential is that it's another trade within MLS. Based on the previous tweets from Heineman, whether signing or trade I'd expect it to be a biggish name. 

And with Heineman's Tweet brings extra speculation based solely on the first word and another Tweet earlier tonight.  Nate Bukaty, from 810 Sports posted the following:

That would certainly be a nice second to the "first" that Heineman mentioned in his tweet.  Besler continues to be a priority to get re-signed.  His loss would be a huge let down for the team.

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