Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Espinoza to Wigan?

The first I saw of this rumor was reading The Daily Wiz, which linked to an article from The Mirror in the UK.  Needless to say I took it with a large grain of salt, even though it does make some sense.  Wigan has in the past brought in other Hondurans, like Wilson Palacios and currently has Maynor Figueroa in their squad as well.  Espinoza seems like the type of player that manager Roberto Martinez would like in his squad, and he plays a hard nosed, workman like game that will do well with a club like Wigan.

Since the Mirror article though the rumor seems to continue to be growing legs and really can't be ignored.  Wigan has until Saturday night to work out a deal if they want to bring him in during the summer transfer window, as the window in England closes on the 31st.  But with him out of contract he could just make the move in the winter window as well.  Obviously KC wants to keep him, that is the big priority this offseason, but if Espinoza wants to go to Europe there's probably little that KC can do in that regard.  I'm sure there's a price he'd stay in KC, but the question would be would it be worth it at that price? 

The thought of losing both Espinoza and Teal Bunbury in the same week is a tough pill to swallow, with both being current members of the starting 11, their roles are hard to fill, Espinoza's bigger than Bunbury.  Espinoza has arguably been KC's most consistent player, and their MVP this season.


Nathan W Martin said...

Wigan would have to really overpay for him.

Supporters Shield and/or MLS Cup are worth more than the +$1 million or so Roger is worth

Almost no way that Wigan ponies up $2 - 5 million that ownership should require.

At the end, offer him a contract and keep his rights as he goes abroad.

Anonymous said...

How about this guy? 3 years ago, played way out of position at fullback. Look at him now. If we're double winners of any measure he'll go on loan.

Hostpph said...

I think that it is great that he is going to Wigan and I hope that he can perform well there.