Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Espinoza Rumors

We're now less than 48 hours away from the end of the European transfer window for the vast majority of clubs (some countries have through 9/1), which means that Sporting KC fans only have to wait with bated breath a little while longer to see if Roger Espinoza will finish the season with Sporting KC or not.  Greg Seltzer, from No Short Corners spoke with Espinoza's agent today and got some information from him regarding the clubs chasing the Honduran's signature.  Wigan is the favorite per his agent and is looking to land him either now or during the January window when Espinoza is out of contract.

Wigan isn't the only English club that is interested in Espinoza though, there's another (unnamed) club that is apparently interested as well.  Espinoza has made it known that he'd like to play in England so Wigan and this unnamed club would appear to be the favorites to land the signature of the midfielder either now or in January.  Still there are other clubs interested to, the initial Spanish interest is probably still there, and there is apparently also interest in Denmark, Holland, Portugal, and Turkey.  There hasn't been this much interest in a KC player since Eddie Johnson was playing with the club before his move to Fulham.

This news though is a little different than what the team and even Espinoza have portrayed.  Today Peter Vermes said that nobody has contacted the team or the league about Espinoza, and Espinoza himself has said he hasn't heard any offers from his agent either.  This is all the fun of the song and dance that is the transfer window when a player is a target of multiple clubs.  This will all play out fairly quickly if Espinoza is going to move.  I'm still not sure he does this window though.  I think he's still more likely to leave in January on a free.

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