Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Open Cup Final and Player Salaries

For those of you that don't already have tickets for the US Open Cup final a week from today against the Seattle Sounders, you may want to get them.  Today it was announced that the US Open Cup final for this year (and the next two after that) will be shown on Gol TV.  The station that most people have to get another tier on their cable provider to be able to watch the game.  Needless to say not too many people are happy about this.  Most people would even rather have an online stream readily available instead of having to deal with figuring out how to get Gol TV on their plan.  Word is that Fox Soccer (also a channel on another tier under most cable providers) was also trying to get the game for a national broadcast and that KSMO was trying to get local rights, along with 810AM trying to get radio rights but apparently the asking price from US Soccer was not one that they were willing to meet.  So instead soccer fans in KC (and around the US looking to watch the final) will either be contacting their cable provider, or finding an illegal stream.

While I understand US Soccer wanting to make as much money as possible, the US Open Cup final on Gol TV could be a bit of a step back for them as they look to continue to try to give the tournament more legitimacy.

The good news for Sporting fans?  The last time Gol TV had the finals was the 2004 and 2005 finals, and we remember how the 2004 one finished up.  If not, enjoy this great video that Sporting put out today.

Update Player Salaries

The players union today released updated salaries for all the MLS teams.  Sporting KC only had 3 changes to their list from the previous one in May to this release.  Gone from the list is Shawn Singh and his $33,750.  On the list now are new signings, Neven Markovic, who is making $90,000 and Kyle Miller who is making $33,750.  KC is still on the hook for Luke Sassano's salary at this point which is why he still appears on the list.  So far from Markovic I like what I've seen although I'd like to see a little bit more in competitive games instead of friendlies before making a decision.


Donald said...

I was able to attend the cup win in '04. I will be looking for the unauthorized web stream this year as I have to be out of town for work. I just hope I can find some way to watch.

Nathan W Martin said...

The rest of the year will be a good-bye tour for Convey and Cesar.

Those salaries are ~$13,000 less than: Besler, Myers, Peterson, Saad, Sapong, and Sinovic combined.

Also wonder if this year or next year will be Jimmy's last.