Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kempin Set to Train with US U-18 Team

The US Under 18 team has set their roster for their upcoming training camp that will take place in Arizona. While Wizards goalkeeper, Jon Kempin is not listed on the roster, according to the player's Twitter posts, Kempin will be training with the US team. Kempin's likely inclusion is to give the team a fourth keeper. The US U-18 team is set to play the SKC Wizards on Tuesday this week as part of their continued preseason training. It will be interesting to see if Kempin plays with the US or the Wizards for that game.


Anonymous said...

When does the team come home for a week? Glad to see you are calling us SKC wizards. Deanna

szazzy said...

Deanna, I know the players will at least be home from the 14th through when they leave for their 1st game because the Cauldron has gotten approval for a meet the players event on Monday evening, March 14th. Mark your calendar.


Anonymous said...

hey mike, i just listened to the latest edition of the jimmy conrad podcast. it was interesting to here him talk about his departure. i'd love to get your take on it. give it a listen.