Saturday, February 05, 2011

Indian Press Starting to Realize Chhetri is Gone

I think most SKC Wizards fans realize at this point that it's extremely unlikely that Sunil Chhetri will be back in KC this season. While me may still be listed on the team's roster on their website, and while the team hasn't "officially" released him, they've made comments that his option was not picked up.

The Indian press has started to finally pick up on this information, as an article today with a quote from Rob Thomson, where he basically says the same thing. The team hasn't expanded on that line yet though, so Indian fans may hold out some hope. There are certainly other ways the team could go if they want to keep Chhetri and see if he can potentially develop a bit more and contribute to KC. KC could re-sign him at a lower salary than last year and he could either try to make the roster, or potentially be loaned out, to either an I-League team or A-League team. The team's Facebook page could certainly take a hit though.


Drew Farmer said...

missed opportunity.

Sayan's thoughts said...

KC will a player of Sunil's caliber.Hope Racing Santandar signs him on.It will be a great marketing strategy for Racing.

MOUFWASH said...

thanks for the laugh Sayan