Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Missing From Camp

Three players are missing from Arizona right now for the final part of the team's preseason training, Teal Bunbury, Ryan Smith, and Konrad Warzycha were all left behind as the team departed. Bunbury was expected, Smith is disappointing, and Warzycha is surprising.

Bunbury's absence was expected after his dislocated elbow. Much easier for his rehab if he didn't have to travel with the team to Arizona. Now he can focus on his rehab and hopefully come back on the lower side of those 4 to 6 weeks.

Smith's staying in KC is disappointing considering earlier this preseason we were told that Smith would head to Arizona on the second trip. His continued work in KC makes you wonder how serious the the offseason surgery really was and what's taking so long in the recovery. If he's still recovering from the surgery and working in KC it's possibly that he's not going to be match fit by the start of the season and that means another forward unlikely to play on opening day against Chivas USA. That could certainly feed the flames of Peter Vermes switching to a 4-4-2 at least to start the season.

Warzycha's absence is surprising in that this is the first announcement of the injury. The femoral condyle defect that Warzycha will have surgery for will keep him out of action for 6 to 8 months. It does some interesting implications for roster spots if Warzycha was going to be signed. Now KC has a roster spot to play with and could still hold on to Warzycha's rights if they think he can contribute in the future.


Nathan Martin said...

So to clarify, how long would SKC retain Konrad's rights before either having to sign him or lose the right to sign him? Could they conceivably sign him next offseason?

Also any further word on a timeline for Smith to get his greencard? It seems that our best trialists are all internationals so SKC really needs that extra slot fast.

Mike said...

Two years we hold players rights unless we waive them.

No news on Smith.

Nathan Martin said...