Saturday, February 05, 2011

Schedule Comes Out Thursday

The MLS schedule is finally set to come out this coming Thursday, February 10th. That's seven days later than last year's announcement. The frustration in the delay in the schedule is coming from all sides, especially fans who are really anxious to get their year planned around the schedule.

The delay is kind of understandable with all the teams not controlling their own venue, but with more and more teams doing that, you'd think getting the schedule out more than 5 weeks before the first game would be possible. MLS teams not the primary occupant of their stadium have known for a little while what weekends the primary tenant had. Every year it's the same thing from MLS and their delay in getting the schedule out.

And the league can say “We recognize that the timing of [the schedule’s] release has caused some inconvenience and we appreciate our fans’ continued patience,”

But it gets old every year when the schedule comes out weeks before the season starts.

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