Monday, February 07, 2011

SKC Waive Two, Release Two from Preseason

Sporting KC made some mroe roster moves today, as they officially waived two more players from last year's team, and let go of two of the team's six draft picks this year. Officially gone now are Sunil Chhetri and Nikos Kounenakis. Both weren't expected to be back and rumors had been floating around for a while. Kounenakis' future here was less likely than Chhetri's. Kounenakis was mentioned as being waived earlier this month in articles by Andrew Wiebe and interviews by Thad at The Back Post. Chhetri's future wasn't quite in as much doubt, although most didn't expect him back after he was loaned back to his national team after the Manchester United friendly. While there was talk of re-signing him if the price was right and loaning him out, I don't think many people were really expecting Chhetri to be in a KC uniform this year. And I don't think the loan possibility was that much of a possibility either.

Of the two, Chhetri is the only one to make a competitive appearance for the Wizards, starting and playing 45 minutes in the US Open Cup qualifier against Colorado. Kounenakis did make a few bench appearances for KC shortly after his signing, but never did for KC. With both of their departures official, the team does have two international slots now open that could be used on any number of trialists that are currently in camp.

The other two let go from the team's preseason camp were draft picks JT Murray and Sam Scales. Murray was the more surprising of the two, as Murray was a second round pick for KC in the Superdraft. Murray was expected to come in and have the chance to be Roger Espinoza's back up if and when he was called up for the Honduran team. Murray though apparently didn't impress enough and is now gone. Scales was the team's first round pick in the Supplemental draft this year. Scales had impressed in preseason at times, including winning one of the two beep test groups. It wasn't enough though for Scales to earn a place on the roster. The team still has a ways to go to complete their roster, but this movement is a start in that process.


Aaron said...

How can we already waive our 2nd round pick? That has to be blamed on poor scouting doesn't it? Does anyone know if any other teams have released anyone drafted higher yet this year?

MOUFWASH said...


Perhaps the non-draft players brought in are preforming well. Do you then blame scouting for the draft and then credit them for non-draft player selection?

Need to look at the big picture, this isnt the NFL, there is an entire world of players to choose from and I really think it would be a bad sign if recent amateurs were beating out professionals we have brought in for spots. Not all draftees will be signed.

Aaron said...

All very good points.

Soccer must be one of the harder sports to scout with very little statistical numbers to go by compared to other sports.

Anyone know if at the MLS combine they do similar "events" like 40 yard dash, high jump, bench press, etc. to try to provide some objective numbers to compare the players?

Unknown said...

Anytime you release a high draft pick...Its a waste. If they new they had talent in the free agent market coming in why not trade those picks for already established MLS players who can bloster your rosters as strong bench players which is what rookies usually are. If an NFL team waived a second rounder there would be atleast one person losing their job....