Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gold Cup Talk Heating Up

The Gold Cup pairings should be coming out in early March and the speculation is starting to heat up again on where the US will play. I agree with Steven Goff's assessment, and have been saying since the site locations were announced that KC would have a very good chance of having the US in town. People that have been speaking with the front office in other regards have been telling me that they've been told it's very close to being a sure thing. This especially comes true when you look at the knockout round pairings. With Mexico in group A, playing in 3 NFL stadiums and the USA in group C, you set it up where both teams will not meet until the finals, which is what CONCACAF wants. CONCACAF wants a US-Mexico final at the Rose Bowl on June 25th and putting the US in group C and Mexico in Group A is probably the best way to do that. The only better way is if Mexico was in Group B, but based on the stadiums for the two groups, A is the more likely for El Tri.

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