Monday, June 30, 2008

Wizards Sign Wolff

Bob Luder and the KC Star are reporting that Josh Wolff is now a member of the Kansas City Wizards... again. The rumors of Wolff coming back to MLS had been around for the last week or so, and today we have word that he's officially back in Kansas City. Wolff, who scored 27 goals for the Wizards during his first stay with the team will hopefully add to that total quickly, as the Wizards need scoring help and fast this season. Wolff is currently in Atlanta according to the article, so I'd expect him to at least be in Carolina tomorrow night for the US Open Cup game against the Railhawks, and possibly make his debut against Dallas on Friday. The contract is for the rest of this year and next with options for the next two.

Hopefully this turns out better then the last story the Star broke on a player coming to KC. But with actual quotes from Wolff and other sources picking up on the story, this deal is done.

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