Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wizards Into Open Cup Proper

Photo courtesy of Alan Hainkel

The Wizards got a 2-2 draw with Colorado tonight in their Open Cup qualifier, and won the game 5-3 on PKs. Due to travel, I was unable to attend the game, but you can read a play-by-play of the game over on Hillcrest Road, as well as first hand accounts of people over on bigsoccer once they get back from the game. KC grabbed the lead in the 20th minute thanks to an individual effort from Ryan Pore. Sixteen minutes later, Colorado equalized through Herculez Gomez to tie the game at one, which is where it stayed into the half. In the 57th minute, Colorado was able to grab the lead from a header by Jacob Peterson.

As the minutes ticked by, it looked like KC would get knocked out in the qualifying stage yet again for the Open Cup. In the 86th minute though, a run by Claudio Lopez allowed him to get a shot off that Rapids keeper, Preston Burpo could only parry into the path of Ivan Trujillo who turned it in to make it 2-2. Only 5 minutes after the tying goal, KC found themselves down a man, as Davy Arnaud picked up a second yellow (he will miss the team's 3rd round match in the Open Cup). Extra time had it's chances, but no one converted, and onto PKs it went.

Jack Jewsbury, Lopez, and Trujillo, all made theirs with replies from Colorado. KC's 4 PK taker, Jimmy Conrad also converted his. His counter part for the Rapids Facundo Erpen hit his PK against the bar. This gave the Wizards 5th taker, Kurt Morsink the chance to win it. He did, putting his PK off the hands of Burpo and into the net. KC will now wait to find out their opponent in the third round, which is set to start July 1.

WIZARDS Man of the Match - ??? - Having not seen the match, I can not in good conscience make a choice for this award. So I'm asking people who did go to the game, who was man of the match for the Wizards? Lopez? Trujillo for his tying goal? Someone else? Let me know.


jqs508 said...

Overall, I thought that Pore's hustle (which lead to the first goal) was instrumental tonight. Lopez, did great in the midfield, and though he won't get credit for the assist, he definitely deserves one for his work on the second goal. My third is Leathers for a great night on the right side where he pretty much neutralized Burciaga's left foot.

Reepicheep said...

I thought Pore was awful, except for his goal.

Lopez played his best game yet, hustle-wise. I was very glad to see him coming from the left outside Mid most of the second half. Great move by Onalfo.

Still, I would give the man of the match to Jimmy Conrad. He had to watch Cummings all night and was on the run doing so not stop.

Anonymous said...

lopez hands down

Andrew Wiebe said...

I agree with reep's assessment of Pore. Other than the goal, he gave up possession easily all night.

I've got audio with coaches and players up at

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see Lopez as a midfielder he comes so deep to get the ball anyways and is not like we have other to put there. Aurnaud up top? really? mmmhhh I don't know about that one and I also don't know about mayers as an outside mid...not creative enough. Bad news for him though. I thought Leather did great in the right back.

1st goal agaisnt Big time defensive mistake although I did not hear the keep warn the defender....

It always looks soo easy from the stans with my beer and hotdog!! LOL

LOPEz Man of the match

Anonymous said...

Lopez was MOTM.

His work rate was above all otherp layers and a great bit of skill (and good fortune) led to the equalizer.

I actually thought Conrad was shaky tonight. Cummins speed was too much for him at times.

Kudos to the 5 penalty takers who all kept their nerve.