Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, That was BAD

Photo courtesy of Alan Hainkel

It's hard to put into words just how bad the Wizards played last night. In front of an honest to god sell out crowd, the Wizards laid one of the biggest eggs in team history, with a 3-0 loss to the Crew. The Wizards looked unable to do the simplest of soccer basics like passing and marking. The Crew scored early and after that, the Wizards never looked like there were going to score. Their best chance was in the second half when Ryan Pore forced Will Hesmer to make a good save. The game was marred by poor defending from the Wizards. One word overall describes last night's performance, inept.

Today at the reserve game I got a chance to talk to Kerry Zavagnin, and he basically said it was one of the worse performances he's been a part of with the Wizards (the worst being the July 4th game years ago against Chicago).

WIZARDS Man of the Match - Honestly, I want to give it to someone, but I can't even think of someone that actually deserves the honor after that game. I'm going to give it to Sasha Victorine as he was the only Wizards player to make it over to the after party at Hooters after the game. (Not that I blame the players, but props to Sasha for facing the fans.)

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