Sunday, June 22, 2008

Juniors Undefeated at Regionals

After 2 games for each of the 3 Wizards Juniors teams at regionals, the 3 teams are undefeated with a 3-0-3 record. The U-19 team opened with a 1-0 win Saturday against the Arsenal Blujays before getting a 1-1 draw today with FC Milwaukee Blue. Their final game is tomorrow and need to win to advance as their groups winners. They need to overcome the 1 more goal difference that Milwaukee has on them. There is a wild card in their age division though as well.

The U-17s opened with a 6-1 win over NWI United before drawing with Springfield SC of MO today 1-1. They also need to win tomorrow against FC Barrington of IL and keep the goal difference they have over Springfield SC. The U-16's opened with a 2-2 draw with Iowa SC. They defeated Vardar of Michigan today. They play Team Ohio SC tomorrow, a win of any kind will see them through to the next round.


Anonymous said...

Mike - a reader on my blog provided the tie-breaker info from the Region II website.

The way I read the tie-breakers, SSC is ahead at 3rd tie break:
KC has 4-1 score in first game for a +3 while SSC was 4-0 in the first game for a +4 (maximum of 4 goals count).

SSC also has an edge in GA with 0 (4th tie break).

A win is necessary (usually is at these events) and equaling the differential that KC might earn today is second.

Mike said...

Thanks for that, I typed this up a little quickly last night to get it out before today's games and didn't spend too much time looking at the specifics of the tie-breakers.