Sunday, June 01, 2008

More From New Mexico

Here's some more stuff from the New Mexico Cup.

Attendance was announced as 2,642 for the game tonight, according to this article about Lance Watson from the Albuquerque Journal, the only write up in the local press so far on how the game went. That's a far cry from what organizers were apparently expecting according to a video on local news station, KRQE. According to the video, organizers were expecting 10,000 for the game last night against CSD Municipal. Here is the article from Municipal's website.

Here are some notes on the game from Jeff, who runs the UNM Lobo Soccer blog.

Trujillo was the man of the match with his two very nice goals but he was absent most of the rest of the time.

My comment at the half was that KC was bigger, faster, stronger and better organized. Clearly the better team.

Kronberg actually had a few solid saves to keep a clean sheet. Leathers was not marking wide so Muni was able to get in behind him a few times.

Lance Watson is still the talk of the town drawing this article in the local rag -

Marinelli was good and bad with at least 5 turnovers in a 10 minute stretch in the first half.

Thought Arnaud was very good as was Jewsbury and Conrad.

In the 58th minute the Muni player actually threw a punch while on the ground in fracas with Trujillo. Trujillo sustained the foul, was punched and then earned a yellow as did the Muni player. Poor decision by the ref there but I think he officiated well all night.

I'd like to thank Jeff for taking the time to take notes on the game and send them to me.

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