Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Best Paid Benchwarmers

Forbes has put out a list of the best paid benchwarmers in all the major sports. Included in the list are MLS players. The fact that Forbes is including MLS in it's list is definitely a good sign for the league. Jeff Cunningham, Ante Razov, William Conde, and Franco Niell are all on the list. Along with those 4, is Wizards midfielder, Sasha Victorine. According to the article, Sasha is making $153,700 this season but has played in only 5 games.

Overall it's an interesting article, but their writing on MLS is a little misrepresented. Razov is normally going to be a starter for Chivas USA, but has been relegated to a reserve role due to an injury. The same can be said in part about Victorine, who likely would have played more minutes this season if not for an injury in preseason and the beginning of the season. Still it's good to see MLS represented with the biggest sports in the country.


Anonymous said...

Sasha still overpaid, in my opinion, consdering leathers a STARTING outside back earns 12 thousand

Anonymous said...

I wonder who are the most underpaid with the most playing time. I would like to see that list