Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wizards in New Mexico and Other News

The Wizards are in New Mexico, getting ready to play CSD Municipal tonight in the first ever New Mexico Cup. This game will be the first time the Wizards throw out their "new formation" of a flat midfield instead of a diamond. As mentioned in Onalfo's press conference earlier this week, a few players have not made the trip, Roger Espinoza, Sasha Victorine, and Claudio Lopez are all carrying small knocks that will keep them out as a precaution. And it seems like Carlos Marinelli may as well. Scott Sealy also didn't go down either, as his wife is set to give birth. The lineup is likely to have the starters (or what amounts to the starters) in the first half with whole sale changes coming at half time. As for the lineup, I'd expect something like this in the first half.

Myers - Conrad - Wahl - Harrington
Arnaud - Zavagnin - Jewsbury - Morsink
Trujillo - Colombano

As Oz City mentions in his preview, a few of Municipal's players have MLS experience, including Guillermo “Pando” Ramirez and Mario "Loco" Rodríguez, both of whom were rumored to be going to the Wizards last year. Should be an interesting game, wish there was some way to watch it, but I, like you, will be following the running commentary on Hillcrest Road.

Other News
Brad Porter has a story on Peter Vermes trip to Hungary, where he met with club and national officials, as well as scouting talent. According to Porter, some
Hungarians have the Wizards eye, mainly attacking players. Porter also gives an interesting background as to why Vermes went to Hungary for this scouting trip including family history and economic issues. Will be interesting to see if this trip bears fruit in the form of a player or another partnership for the team.

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