Friday, May 16, 2008

Wizards Back in Action

The Wizards are back in action tomorrow night when they travel to New York to take on the Red Bulls. It's been almost two weeks since the 2-1 loss in Columbus, and the injury list has gotten smaller for the team. The only player listed as being out is Lance Watson who wasn't going to be starting anyways. Davy Arnaud is up to probable, and Onaflo has said that he'll likely be on the bench this week. New York will be without two starting midfielders, Seth Stammler and Claudio Reyna, which should be a benefit to the Wizards.

With Arnaud expected to be on the bench, and Roger Espinoza suspended, the lineup is going to look a little different. I expect to see Kurt Morsink drop from the attacking midfield spot to the defensive midfield position ahead of veteran midfielder, Kerry Zavagnin.
Myers - Conrad - Wahl - Harrington
Jewsbury - Marinelli - Pore
Sealy - Lopez

The Wizards could use a win to break this two game losing streak, a win would help make the last two games of the road trip more bearable. Will it happen? I have trouble seeing it. KC is back on turf again in New York, which while they practiced on it the week before the Toronto game, it didn't seem to help them out. I wanna see a win, heck I'd even take a point, but the way KC has played lately, I'm not seeing it.

KC - 1 (Lopez)
NY - 2 (Angel, van den Bergh)

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