Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crew Not Happy with Souter Signing

It looks like the Columbus Crew are none too happy with the Wizards signing of open tryout participant, Kevin Souter. Souter had a year of eligibility left at Graceland University before he signed a developmental deal with the Wizards earlier this week. The Crew, who had been looking at Souter as well, believed that him not having gone through the draft like other college players with eligibility left, should have made him ineligibly to play in MLS. The Crew were looking to have their eyes on Souter for his final season at Graceland, but now they're stuck wondering what happened and what the exact rules are in regards to this.

The other question that could come from this has to deal with players with college eligibility coming to open tryouts put on by MLS teams. Will be interesting to follow this situation to see where, if anywhere, it goes.


Anonymous said...

boooo whooo,

Anonymous said...

You are right, this will be interesting to follow since I am sure other teams take notice at the benefit of open tryouts and have some of their own.

Sounds to me like Columbus fell at sleep and now they are bitter.

I hope Souter scores on them on the reserve game