Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random News Day

No real big news today, but there were some small bits of info that I'm going to touch on today.

First is that we know what cities will be hosting the first group round of World Cup Qualifiers after the first round against Barbados. Chicago, DC, and Denver are the 3 lucky cities. Chicago and Toyota Park will have the US vs either Trinidad or Bermuda Wednesday September 10th. Saturday October 11th, the US will host Cuba or Antigua & Barbuda in DC at RFK. The final home game will be Wednesday November 19 in Commerce City, Colorado at Dick's Sporting Goods Park against Guatemala or St. Lucia. The sad thing about all this is that the two sites within driving distance of the KC are on Wednesday nights. If either of the Chicago or Colorado games had been on a Saturday, I know I would have gone, with it on a Wednesday it's a lot harder.

In Wizards news, All star voting is up and going. Twelve Wizards are up for selection to the all star game. The list of the twelve players are listed on Hillcrest Road.

Included in the Hillcrest Road post is the new Wizards commercial involving Jimmy Conrad and the Cauldron.

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