Thursday, May 29, 2008

Formation Change for KC

The Wizards will tinker with their lineup in the upcoming games against CSD Municipal and next Wednesday in the US Open Cup against Colorado. It's not going to be a big change, the team will still be running the 4-4-2 they have all this year. The change is in the appearance of the 4-4-2, instead of a diamond in the midfield, Onalfo will experiment with a flat midfield. According to Brad Porter in the link I provided, Onalfo said that Carlos Marinelli will push out to the left side with the switch and that Kerry Zavagnin will come back into the first team. With that said, here's how I figure the Wizards midfield will look:

Marinelli - Zavagnin - Jewsbury - Arnaud

Other news from Onalfo's weekly press conference is provided by George Shook on the KC Soccer Review. Shook has some notes on players that will apparently not be traveling the team to New Mexico. Roger Espinoza has an ankle problem, Sasha Victorine has a groin problem, Claudio Lopez has a small knee knock, and Marinelli has an issue. Scott Sealy will not travel either as his wife is expecting.

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