Friday, May 02, 2008

Arena, Gansler, and Waldo OH My!

The Wizards have announced that Bruce Arena, Bob Gansler, and Eric Wynalda will be joining Wizards play-by-play man, Sean Wheelock in the booth at different times over the rest of the season. The three will work any Wizards game that is not exclusive to ESPN, FSC, or HDNet.

Arena will be in the booth, May 17, June 21, Aug 2, Aug 16, Sept 7, & Oct 25. Gansler's dates are June 28, July 27, Aug 9, Aug 23, Oct 5, Oct 11, & Oct 18. Wynalda will be making his token appearance Aug 30.

Of the Wizards 10 remaining games, 1 is an ESPN exclusive (July 17), 2 are FSC (May 3, Sept 27), 3 are HDNet exclusive (May 24, July 4, Sept 20), and 2 games are still TBD (June 7, Sept 13) on who will be in the booth for those games. The final two games (June 14, July 10), Wheelock will be joined in the booth by Dave Borchardt.

Basically, how it breaks down, is Arena has all the non exclusive away games except for the TBD and the game Wynalda will be in the booth. Gansler gets all the non exclusive home games, except for the TBD (LA Galaxy game) and the two that Borchardt will be there.

And congrats to Team Shook on winning the poll for the best fantasy team.


George Shook said...

I thought you didn't like allusions to the Wizard of Oz

Mike said...

Just because I don't like the references doesn't mean I can't use them for humor.

Anonymous said...

Does that Poll track IP's? It probably should :)

Mike said...

The poll does not, it's one of the draw backs of the poll, it can be rigged.

Reepicheep said...

Arena is so annoying. He really makes it difficult to watch/listen.