Saturday, September 24, 2016

What We Want to Happen Today, 9/24

Getting down to the last month of the season, things are extremely tight for Sporting KC in their race for a playoff berth. At this point I'm going to forgo the Eastern Conference match ups, just know that KC want as many dropped points out of Eastern Conference playoff teams as possible for that fantasy chance of hosting MLS Cup. On that note, let's take a look at the games involving Western Conference teams and what Sporting want to happen in those games.

Colorado at Vancouver
What we want to happen - Colorado win

While Colorado is only seven points ahead of KC late in the season, they also still have two games in hand on Sporting, so the likelihood of catching them is small, even if Colorado hasn't been in the greatest of form lately. Vancouver meanwhile is just six points back while having played the same number of games. Cutting that lead to just three points is something that KC doesn't want to happen at all.

Portland at Houston
What we want to happen - Houston win

Sporting KC could find themselves back in fifth place after tonight if KC somehow gets a win in San Jose and Portland loses or draws in Houston. But even if they don't, keeping Portland close to KC is the key. Therefore, having the Dynamo close the game with KC to eight, while a little disturbing, is better than Portland making their lead on KC four points.

Dallas at Salt Lake
What we want to happen - Dallas win

With Dallas basically unreachable for KC to catch, Sporting want Salt Lake to drop points and leave them still within touching distance for Sporting KC to catch and potentially get a home game in the playoffs.

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