Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Differing Stories on Rossi's Status in KC

We know that former Juventus youth player and Italian youth international Fausto Rossi is in Kansas City, beside his Instagram local reporters have confirmed that he is training with the team. But that's where the stories split between reports in the US and reports in Italy. Yesterday, Sam McDowell and Thad Bell were both able to confirm that Rossi was indeed coming to Kansas City, but contrary to the reports that came out of Italy, it was not to just sign for the club. Instead, according to the pair, Rossi is only in Kansas City on a trial currently.

That remains at odds with the reports coming from overseas, which are continuing to report that the deal is basically done and could be announced as early as today. David Amoyal reported that Rossi was in Kansas City yesterday and toured the facility with his agent ahead of completing a deal. Amoyal is also reporting that because of the point of the season for KC, Rossi would likely not be joining Sporting until January. That'd be a blow for this season, when most fans are still wanting some kind of reinforcement to help push Kansas City into the playoffs, but would also make sense if Benny Feilhaber doesn't re-sign with the club after his contract expires after this season.

For me, I tend to believe the story coming from McDowell and Bell more than the article from Italy. To me the article from Italy screams "agent bait" especially since it specifically mentions the agent by name being part of the walk through. This may be more than an actual trial, it may be just a formality before signing Rossi, but the whole story out of Italy just comes across as the agent feeding the information that he wants out, maybe in the hopes of getting Rossi other offers from Europe since they know he's currently in the US. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what happens in Rossi's time in KC.

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