Saturday, September 10, 2016

What We Want to Happen Today 9/10

Sporting missed an opportunity to push themselves 10 points above the red line last night in the race for the playoffs. Now Sporting KC become spectators for the rest of the weekend as the rest of the league plays. Here's a look at what KC fans should be hoping happens in today's slate of MLS games.

Vancouver at Columbus
What we want to happen - Columbus win

Vancouver sits ninth in the West, but has 31 points, while there are four teams between them and Kansas City, dropping points to keep them from closing the eight point gap to five points is what Sporting will want from this game.

Colorado at Dallas
What we want to happen - Dallas win

At this point Dallas is almost out of reach for KC, sitting 12 points clear with KC only having five games left. With that and the fact that Colorado currently occupies the last home wild card game slot, KC wants Dallas to take care of business at home tonight. A win last night for KC would have left KC just a single point behind the Rapids, making things much more interesting, but this at least keeps KC within four points of a home playoff game.

Salt Lake at Portland
What we want to happen - Salt Lake win

While Sporting is not far behind Salt Lake, just five points, the Timbers and sixth place in the West are just four. If Sporting had held on last night, I probably would have been putting this one down as a draw, but since KC dropped two points keeping the chasing pack as far behind as possible is the main objective, which means hoping that Salt Lake pulls further away.

Seattle at San Jose
What we want to happen - draw

San Jose and Seattle sit on 32 and 31 points respectively, both below the red line right now. While it hurts to have both teams gain just a little on KC, I'd rather that happen than let one of them cut the point lead KC has to four or five points.

Montreal at Philadelphia
What we want to happen - draw

Again back to the fantasy of Sporting KC making MLS Cup, the hopes of hosting hinge on being ahead of as many teams as possible in the East. This allows both teams a point, but keeps Philadelphia within a win by KC of passing them.

NYCFC at New England
What we want to happen - New England win

New England have 30 points while NYCFC sits five points ahead of KC on 44 points. Again, all about MLS Cup hosting means keeping NYCFC as close as possible.

Toronto at Chicago
What we want to happen - Chicago win

Another MLS Cup fantasy here, Toronto sits on 43 points, four clear of Sporting while Chicago is almost out of the playoff race. If you're a KC fan, you probably want to get used to the idea of cheering for the Fire down the stretch.

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